Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is object assignment statement thread safe?

It really depends on the type of the assignment.

" The CLR guarantees that for types which are no bigger than the size of a native integer, if the memory is properly aligned (as it is by default - if you specify an explicit layout, that could change the alignment), reads and writes are atomic. In other words, if one thread is changing a properly aligned int variable's value from 0 to 5 and another thread is reading the variable's value, it will only ever see 0 or 5 - never 1 or 4, for instance. For a long, however, on a 32-bit machine, if one thread is changing the value from 0 to 0x0123456789abcdef, there's no guarantee that another thread won't see the value as 0x0123456700000000 or 0x0000000089abcdef. You'd have to be unlucky - but writing thread-safe code is all about taking luck out of the equation."

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It does not mention object reference assignment. However the size of object reference is always equal to the native integer which means on 32-bit machine the reference size should be 32 bits and on 64-bit machine the reference size should always be 64 bits, therefore it is thread safe.

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